Antidepressant medication (ADM) is advised for patients with major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and/or burn out. For patients in remission continuation of their medication is usually not necessary. Current primary care guidelines advise to consider discontinuation of antidepressants six months after remission of a depression or 6-12 months after remission of an anxiety disorder. Patients with recurrent depression are advised to discontinue medication after 1-2 years. However stopping antidepressant medication can be difficult for some patients and there is a lack of knowledge with regard to the guidance in this process.


Explore how to offer appropriate tools and  better support to patients in primary care in the process of discontinuing their antidepressant medication


Patients of 18 years or older who have received prescriptions for antidepressants in primary care for at least the past nine months.


GPs are requested to invite their long term users of antidepressants. These patients receive an invitation and are requested to reply to the research team. Both patients as well as GPs and their mental health assistants are offered documentation and assistance in the guidance of the tapering process.


Research has started in 2017, participation is still possible.

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drs. Carolien Wentink, Psychologist, PHD-student and coordinator
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  • Carolien Wentink
    Carolien Wentink PhD student