Anne Speckens te gast bij European Parliament (terugkijken)

Op donderdag 10 december was hoogleraar psychiatrie en directeur van het Centrum voor Mindfulness Anne Speckens te gast tijdens het evenement The role of Mindfulness in addressing Europe’s key challenges: Health, Climate & Policy-making . Anne Speckens geïnterviewd door Sara Cerdas, waarbij het volgende aan bod kwam (ENG):

Focus: understand and experience (micro practice), address myths, how mindfulness can be helpful for busy MEPs and understand at system level what it might mean if politicians become more mindful and compassionate.

1. Mindfulness is often sold by the media as a miracle cure. As a medical doctor and researcher, what would you highlight as the main benefits of practising mindfulness, in terms of both mental and physical health – where is the evidence strongest?

2. In the face of the global COVID pandemic and the resulting challenges, what particular tools or capacities can mindfulness equip us with?

3. We’ve spoken about the benefits, but what exactly is mindfulness? And if someone were to start practising mindfulness today, how quickly could they expect to see results, and what’s the evidence backing this up?

4. You’re involved in providing training, and even teacher training, for professionals working in health care, education, criminal justice and business. What impact and benefits do you envisage we might see at a wider system level, in particular with regard to health?

5. What needs to happen at EU level and what can we do as MEPs in order to help?

6. Where can we get further information?

Bekijk hier de video terug:

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